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HI!  I'm Dr. Alexis. I'm a dance educator and physical therapist.  
If you're looking for a program that will truly give you the confidence to quickly and safely improve your dancer's flexibility and performance, then this is the program for you. 

I GET IT. You've tried all the stretch, core stability, and dance conditioning programs to help your dancer.  You may have even taken other courses that look similar to this program. 

But sometimes the stretches and exercises don't work. 

Sound about right? I used to struggle with these things too. 
​So I've created a practical framework that's easy to use so you can help your dancers overcome any dance challenge

Keep scrolling and see what makes the DancemED™ Certification the best choice for dance educators!

Program Overview

In the DancemED Certification program, you'll learn the

5 areas to ADDRESS on any dancer for any dance challenge

6 ways to ASSESS and identify problem areas

7 ways to evaluate PROGRESS and see results

courses give you the tools and resources to maintain performance SUCCESS

Here’s what people are saying about the
DancemED Certification Program:​

Program Breakdown

Anatomy that MATTERS

Identify the most important body structures, fundamental movements, and movement principles that are common to dance, regardless of style
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Movement Analysis

Breakdown basic and complex dance movements by structure and movement principles for improved technical performance

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Functional Assessments

Learn simple and effective methods for assessing of dance technique that can be used consistently to objectively identify a dancer’s readiness for skill advancement
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Functional Dance Conditioning

Learn the most effective dance conditioning exercises and activities, along with how to modify and progress them, to improve technical performance
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Understanding Pain 
in Dance

Learn how to ask better questions, understand the answers, and better understand what different types of pain mean in terms of severity and involved structures
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Return to Dance Standards

Learn AZDM’s methods for determining safe return to dance and performance following injury

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The TRUTH About 
Dance Injuries

Learn how common dance injuries start before they become injuries. Zone in on common muscle dysfunctions in dance, how they present, and get tips on how to resolve them before injuries occur
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What to Do When NOTHING Works

After all the stretching, strengthening and cueing still doesn't help, learn how other body systems can also impact performance and learn tips to safely deteremine if another system needs help
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Why DancemED Certification?

I mean...why not?  But if you really need some solid reasons...

benefit from my years of trial and error for improving performance quickly

get a framework for fixing any dance issue 

framework works on any dancer regardless of age, style, or experience
learn a system for progressing dancers, less chance for "favortism"

confidence in determining return to dance following injury

faster recovery from injury, decreased risk of re-injury

build your reputation for safety and fair assessment

and the biggest reason to enroll...

know what to do when stretches & strengthening exercises DON'T help

"But I've taken other dance conditioning courses..."


DancemED Certification is the BEST addition to any other conditioning or exercise program for dancers because we cover the rest of the Ws:

You already know WHO you're helping....dancers.

You already know WHAT you're using to help them...exercises.


DancemED Certification
will teach you:

WHEN to use certain exercises over others, based on your dancer's needs

WHERE to focus your conditioning, because it may not be the place where you see the problem

WHY certain exercises may be more beneficial over others by using quick and easy assessments

HOW to perform your chosen exercises for the fastest results (positions, hold times, etc.)

Program Details

Who is the program perfect for?

Dance Instructors and Studio Owners
Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors,
Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches

How much does it cost?

Course Fee: $850.00

Program Format:

DancemED Certification is a 100% online, self-paced program

Certification Requirements:

Passing score on DancemED Certification Exam
Submission of 2 case studies (written or video)

You can do it!

I believe this is the EASIEST PROGRAM TO LEVEL UP your teaching skills and help your dancers achieve platinum level performance.

Afterward, you'll be able to EASILY FIGURE OUT where your dancer's tight hamstrings are coming from, how to get them to fully stretch through their feet, if they're safe to go on stage this weekend to perform, and much more... WITH CONFIDENCE.  

NO MORE SCROLLING through internet videos looking for new stretches or exercises, no more weeding through dozens of social media comments with the same advice that hasn't worked to help your dancers improve.  

You'll have the knowledge and skill to get many of the same results we do QUICKLY and SAFELY.  

​Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the certification by a certain date?

No.  There is no specific completion date, but we recommend you complete your case studies no later than 90 days after taking the online quiz.  And don't worry, the quiz is super easy : )

Do you have any payment assistance options?

We consider payment assistance on a case by case basis.  Please email for more information.

Does the program just focus on ballet?

No. While some of the modules use ballet terms as a frame of reference, all of the concepts taught in the program can be applied to ANY style of dance.  

What does “Certification” really mean for this program?

The “certification” aspect of the program is our way of ensuring that you’ve been through all the course material and are able to apply the concepts as they were presented.  Our program does not certify for any particular occupation or provision of services.

What if I learn better in a 1-on-1 situation?

If you learn better in a 1-on-1 scenario, congratulations!  You're just like Dr. Alexis!  Message her at and ask about the Platinum Performance MENTORING Program.  In it, a customized program is created to address your specific learning goals and includes individual sessions with me and the DancemedPRO® team!  You can also find more info about our mentoring program by clicking HERE

Any more questions?

Email us at and we will do our best to assist you!
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We take your privacy very seriously, your contact details will not be passed on to third parties.

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