Are you stumped working to improve performance with a particular dancer?

Looking to seriously increase your knowledge in
dance conditioning and wellness?

Looking to grow your dance medicine practice and not sure where to start?

Schedule a DancemED™ Platinum Performance Mentoring Session!

Who is mentoring best for?

Dance instructors and educators

Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers

Pilates Instrutors

Anyone who works with dancers in a training or wellness capacity

Here's what's to expect:

You'll tell us what you need help with

We will ask what has worked so far and what hasn't

We will give you the first steps to solving your problem

We will identify any blind spots we see that may hinder progress in your learning
or in your dancer's performance 
You will receive summary of your assessment and a recommended plan 
for moving forward to achieve your learning goals! 

​Sound good?  Click the link below to schedule a time!

Session fee: $99.00

Request a Mentoring Session
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